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What is NeedleSeek?

NeedleSeek is a project for web semantic mining or ontology mining. It aims at automatically extracting and aggregating semantic knowledge from tera-scale data, with the goal of boosting web search and various NLP applications.

In this online research prototype, a web interface is provided for end users to search and browse the semantic knowledge-base we built.

NeedleSeek V1.0 focuses on semantic class construction and search. It receives a term or a phrase as a query and returns the semantic class(es) the term or phrase belongs to. Our system is able to distinguish different means of the same word/phrase and return multiple semantic classes for one term. For example, for query "apple", our system returns at least two semantic classes: fruits (pear, orange, etc) and companies (Microsoft, Sun, etc).

In the current version (V2.0), we support the following semantic relations:

  • Peer relation (organizing coordinate terms as semantic classes)
  • Hypernym/hyponym relation (i.e., the is-a relation, including the class/instance and class/subclass relations)
  • Class/attribute relation (e.g., country-population, company-CEO)

Related Research Papers

1. Nonlinear Evidence Fusion and Propagation for Hyponymy Relation Mining.
    By Fan Zhang, Shuming Shi, Jing Liu, Shuqi Sun, and Chin-Yew Lin
    To appear in ACL'11.

2. Corpus-based Semantic Class Mining: Distributional vs. Pattern-Based Approaches
     By Shuming Shi, Huibin Zhang, Xiaojie Yuan, and Ji-Rong Wen
In The 23rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING'10), Beijing, China, August, 2010 

3. Comparable Entity Mining from Comparative Questions.
    By Shasha Li, Chin-Yew Lin, Young-In Song and Zhoujun Li
    In Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL'10), 2010.

4. Employing Topic Models for Pattern-based Semantic Class Discovery [paper][slides]
     By Huibin Zhang, Mingjie Zhu, Shuming Shi, and Ji-Rong Wen
     In Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL'09), Singapore, August 2009.

5. Pattern-based Semantic Class Discovery with Multi-Membership Support
     By Shuming Shi, Xiaokang Liu, and Ji-Rong Wen
     In ACM 17th Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM'08). Napa Valley, California, USA, 2008 (Poster)

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