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 Basic information:
- game
[Platform]: Cross-platform
[Genre]: City-building
[Mode]: Single player
[License]: GNU General Public License, optional CC by-sa 2.0 for artwork
[Input methods]: Keyboard and Mouse
[Release date]: 25. January 2009
[Media]: Internet download
[Version]: 2.0
 Key sentences:
1. LinCity-NG is a city simulation game, which is improved and polished version of the classic LinCity game.
2. LinCity-NG is an open source game based on the classic game which gave us so many hours of fan.
3. Lincity-NG ( the NG means Next Generation) is a graphical and game-oriented city planning simulation, now updated in version 2.0, that not only includes graphic enhancements but provides entire ecosystem simulation.
4. LinCity-NG is the GotM fork of LinCity.
5. LinCity-NG ( SimCity)-Download-Home Page-Pics" LinCity-NG is a Freeware City Simulation Game.
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